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Wednesday, February 16, 2005
Gannon Goes Mainstream

John Aravosis of and author of Monday’s A Man Called Jeff post, this morning, links to a Howard Kurtz Washington Post article on l’affair Gannon, GannonGate or, my favorite, The Manchurian Beefcake as we witness the official mainstream press arrival of what could prove to be the greatest political scandal in American history.
Aravosis, in an early Wednesday morning AmericaBlog post, describes the Kurtz story, as of this posting not yet linked from the Post’s own home page, as:

Totally fair, presents both sides, and spells the entire story out. Only one mistake - the escort site was live until May 2003, not March. i.e., AFTER he started covering the White House. And other profiles remain live to this day.

The Post story, essentially, begins with a fib Gannon told both Kurtz and Wolf Blitzer on CNN last week in separate off and on camera interviews:

The problem for Gannon, whose real name is James Dale Guckert, is that he told The Washington Post and CNN's Wolf Blitzer last week that he never launched the Web sites whose provocative names he had registered, such as But a Web designer in California said yesterday that he had designed a gay escort site for Gannon and had posted naked pictures of Gannon at the client's request.

Kurtz provides details readers of this space will already be familiar with and ends the story with quotes from Aravosis and White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan:

Aravosis said: "If you were just looking at this as a matter of his hypocrisy, the story's over now that he's gone. The larger issue is how did someone like this get access to the White House." White House spokesman Scott McClellan told the trade publication Editor & Publisher that he didn't know Gannon was using a pseudonym until recent weeks…"People use aliases all the time in life, from journalists to actors," McClellan said. He said he has discussed the Gannon matter only "briefly" with the president.

Press Secretary Scott McClellan

In answering a reporter’s question regarding the Valarie Plame leak investigation during yesterday’s White House Briefing McClellan said:

“Anybody who has information ought to come forward and present that information so that the people investigating this can get to the bottom of it. That's what the President's views are…The President has made it clear that he wants to get to the bottom of this matter, and that anyone who has information that relates to this that can help the prosecutors move forward and get to the bottom of it should provide that information to the prosecutors.”

Are you listening, Mr. Gannon?
Get thee to a safe house.

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