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Wednesday, June 01, 2005
Deeper & Throatier

Unlike the corrupt corporatists of Washington’s power and media elite, I don’t really care about the real identity of Watergate icon Deep Throat.
I would have preferred a marquee caliber arch villain along the lines of old man Bush or any other big name former Nixon convicted co-conspirators.
It is more curious, to my jaundiced mind, how the toothless, smiling and waving Mark Felt from yesterday’s television pictures has dominated the ever easily dominated corporate media including this freshly published reaction from our normally incurious and slow reading George:

A lot of us have always wondered who Deep Throat might have been. And the mystery was solved yesterday…I'm looking forward to reading about it, reading about his relationship with the news media.

Miraculously, news from Iraq and those pesky Lame Duck stories have disappeared under the onslaught of sidebars from the barrel scrapings of cable’s reporter ranks.
To modify a cliché, I would urge my gentle readers to beware of sneaks bearing gifts and to consider this minor chunk from the June 23, 1972 Smoking Gun tape:

Haldeman: Mark Felt wants to cooperate because...
Nixon: Yeah.
Haldeman: he's ambitious...
Nixon: Yeah.

Image: AP
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