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Sunday, November 26, 2006
I’m drawn to the keyboard, this Sunday morning, to bow and doff an imaginary cap westward from my ridge, across the vast plains and over the high Rockies to the neo-neo-Republican state of Cal-lee-for-nia, where the First Lady and her mother are likely responsible for, perhaps, the neatest political end run I’ve witnessed in my lifetime, the conversion of a failed heir to the 43rd into the possibly successful philosophical heir of the 35th President.
This morning’s first half hour of Meet the Press outs the Kennedyesque flavor of improved Arnold, newly baptized captain of the hippie/mogul/immigrant political mish-mash that has become an electoral battleship likely to break a few stubborn national party planks as it steams its way to a safe convention anchorage in 2008 no matter the captain’s original flag of origin.
In my somewhat flip ship metaphor imagine this new Eunice-inspired battleship, The Jugendsteel, as a potential iceberg to the titanic likes of a McCain and Gingrich and the not so titanic likes of Romney or Brownback.
Gone are the narrow shoals of gay marriage and the sandbars of hyper-patriotism in a calmer and cleaner sea of hybridized, cloth-coated middle-class in the many colors of spring in Camelot.
Could anyone imagine a worse nightmare for the far right wing?
Who would have thought it possible that the youthful, fauvist trills of Kennedy-style environmental and social concerns would find a modern voice in a liberalized 2nd take for Ronald Reagan’s favorite Austrian bodybuilder and action movie adventurer?
It seems so Vonnegut or Pynchon.
With merely a few years of wifely cajoling and the deft political skills of slumbering dynasty, Arnold Schwarzenegger has again become a moderate Republican national player and possible 2008 kingmaker.
A politician, finally, as big as that huge cabuchon sapphire the governor flashed about 12 or 13 minutes into this morning’s session with Tim.
Will Maria’s moderate Alpine tree-hugger become the Republican’s and the corporate establishment’s most effective challenge to the populism that will inflame the Democrats over the next two years?
I think so.

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Jugendsteel .... LOL!

Wonderful pun on Jugendstil (kiddie-style, auf deutsch ... what, from the late 19th century, IIRC my wanderings through art history and/or UNICEF greeting card catalogs?)

And you may indeed be right about Ahnuld's role at the next GOP convention ... I'll stay tuned!

Greatly enjoying your blog, Sean. Keep up the good work!
Mark, Thank-you for a lovely comment and for "getting" the German art nouveau pun...I hoped to emulate German political posters. Of course, as a sop to tender western preconceptions but possibly unlike fantasy German political poster tastes, I covered Little Ah-nold (who was visible in the original image).
Always nice to have a real comment as opposed to the usual attempt to hide a commercial and link for Viagra in my comments.
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