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Friday, August 22, 2003

Remarks by the President
Boeing Field King County International Airport
Pasco, Washington, 3:50pm EST
When I watched this surprising live telecast, it was clear to me that the President was refering to the Iraq war when he said, "Just getting warmed up."
This isn't clear in the transcript.

Plus! This is too rich to pass up...Here's the attorney representing FOX explaining to US District Judge Denny Chin why Al Franken's book doesn't qualify as satire:

"This is much too subtle to be considered a parody."

You have to imagine Franken's going to use that as a book jacket blurb, I would!
According to CNN, after about a half hour of oral arguements the Judge tossed the case:

"Wholly without merit, both factually and legally."

Memo to FOX: You guys might want to start superimposing a small image of the 10 Commandmants in a corner of the screen. Surely, lawsuits and ratings fun will ensue!

Photo: Reuter's

Wednesday, August 20, 2003
Citizens for Truth

Congressman Ken Lucas (in striped tie) with
concerned Northern Kentucky citizens

I had the great honor this morning to participate with 13 other concerned citizens from Kentucky’s 4th Congressional District in a meeting with Congressman Ken Lucas.
We met to ask the Congressman to support an investigation into the validity of intelligence used to justify the war with Iraq by supporting House Resolutions 2635 and 307.
This bit of Internet activism made real was coordinated through Working Assets, Women’s Action for New Directions and the True Majority of Citizens for Truth Team and is representative of other such meeting happening with Democratic Congressional leaders across the country.
This morning each of the 14 citizens present expressed their own reasons for an investigation of the manipulated intelligence as Congressman Lucas listened and took notes.
Ross, a veteran, supported the war but now feels “duped”. Betty, from Villa Hills, worries about how her grandchildren will cope with the legacy of this war and says the President “crossed the line.” Mike, a teacher from Carroll County, wondered why he teaches conflict resolution when his students observe opposite behavior from our national government. Sharon, from Independence, worried that “our actions have weakened the UN.” And Susan, the grand daughter of a man gassed in WW I, wondered if agencies manipulated the President or if the President manipulated the agencies of government in the pursuit of justifiable intelligence.
Congressman Lucas said, “I, too, feel duped. You want to believe your Commander in Chief…” The Congressman mentioned President Bush’s “bring ‘em on” remark and said, “For someone who has lost a son or daughter what an insult that must be.” The Congressman also said that the war has “reinforced hatred” of the United States and that it is “inciting terrorism”. The Congressman also said that with the present Republican majorities he did not think an investigation would take place.
The meeting closed with requests that the Republican majority, at least, be forced to a recorded vote against an impartial investigation and that the actions of a Blue Dog Democrat like Mr. Lucas would carry considerable weight.
When time came for this blogger to talk, I, in part, said:

I am concerned that incorrect information was used to manipulate America into war and I feel that an impartial Congressional investigation into this manipulation is extremely important for the well-being of our battered Republic.
As a former worker in the telecommunications industry, I want to personally attest that I’ve been deeply saddened by the media’s failure to attempt to fully inform the American people about the buildup to war.
From the President’s questionable intelligence-packed speech in our own Union Terminal through the war in 2003, I spent many weeks comforting my 70-year-old parents and their friends frightened about the looming specter of nuclear, chemical and biological war.
I’m angry that my parents and the rest of us were so callously manipulated by trusted government officials in collusion with representatives of the 6 conglomerates who control the majority of information presented to the American people.
I beg you, Congressman, on behalf of my family and friends and for the free democratic future of our beloved country to support an impartial investigation into the validity of intelligence used to justify the first unprovoked attack in American history by supporting HR 2635 and 307.

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