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Friday, May 06, 2005

Ladies and Gentlemen, the winner of the 2005 Elizabeth Ray Award for Meritorious Backrubs to an Elderly Married Congressman while Surviving a Choke-Hold is this wafer-thin (ahem) 29 year-old graduate of the Ann Coulter School of Republican Anti-Pulcritude.
I'm dying to know the why's involved in the Band-Aid it the same pink as that fetching ribbon?

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Thursday, May 05, 2005
Poppy's Revenge Pt. 2

Poppy's Revenge Pt. 1 can be found here.

One of our local papers, the Kentucky Post, today published a shocking story that could, apart from the successful criminal prosecution described, have been written one, two or even three years ago.
The story, headlined Burglary Led To Heroin Arrests, is a wake-up call to the sleepy communities inhabiting the rolling hills of Kentucky's northernmost point:

It began with a petty burglary...It developed into a year-long investigation... into heroin use...that so far [h]as resulted in more than 70 arrests...Three years ago, heroin overdoses were blamed for five deaths in Kenton and Campbell counties...But the most eye-opening aspect of the probe...were the sheer numbers of people found to be hooked on heroin.

Elements of this previously unreported story have been the talk among concerned families in this area for some time.
I was concerned that certain important information wasn't contained in the story.
I sent this email to the Editor:

I want to first compliment you for covering the growing and shocking problem of heroin abuse in a county and among people near and dear to my heart.
The Burglary Led to Heroin Arrests story, while frightening, left some informational gaps and highlighted the absurdity of the Bush administration's decision, announced Tuesday May 3rd, to shift the White House Office of Drug Control Policy away from heroin and cocaine abuse and toward marijuana.
Your article stated that "much - but not all - of the heroin used in northern Kentucky still comes from the streets of Cincinnati" but where, I and I'm sure many of your readers wonder, does Cincinnati's street heroin come from?
On November 18, 2004 the Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America published tragically relevant information:

Heroin prices are lower in New York City…than in the non-metropolitan areas...$10 vs. $20-$25 per bag [in the NYC suburbs].

Users, known as "jugglers" travel to NYC to buy "cheap" heroin and resell it in their own communities, according to CADCA, "often by misrepresenting it as cocaine."
Your article did not mention the current local street prices for a "bag" of heroin, cocaine or marijuana or make what I would imagine to be highly interesting comparisons to their historical prices in this area.
Would your readers be surprised to know that cannabis or hemp was, until 1922 when it was outlawed by the Federal government, Kentucky's largest cash crop?
I would suspect the heroin price is significantly lower now than it has been for decades while marijuana prices are staggeringly higher.
Consequently, kids who once would have experimented with relatively harmless marijuana now turn to affordable heroin or perhaps what they thought was affordable cocaine.
But, where does New York's heroin come from?
Recently it was reported that an "Afghan accused of being one of the world's biggest heroin traffickers and of close ties to the ousted Taliban regime" was arrested trying to enter New York City.
A November 19, 2004 story in the New York Times reported that:

Poppy cultivation in Afghanistan…was up sharply this year, reaching the highest levels in the country's history…More than 321,236 acres of land were planted with poppy in 2004, a 64 percent increase over last year...The harvest in 2004 was estimated at 4,200 metric tons, an increase of 17 percent from last year.

The Associated Press on April 27, 2005 reported that Afghanistan's 2004 opium crop yielded "nearly 80 percent of world supply".
President Bush has, since 2002, refused to allow United States intervention in Afghan opium production believing that the drug trade is of short term importance to Afghanistan's economic viability.
Is it just another Bushian conspiracy that Campbell and Kenton Counties' tsunami of what I assume to be "cheap" heroin coincides with world events and our failed efforts to combat aspects of terrorism?
Does the walking death of heroin addiction equate with a more explosively achieved terrorist murder?
I thank you for these first steps of coverage and I urge your paper to impartially report all aspects of this needless horror for the sake and survival of our children, parents and communities.

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The corporate press, crazed with a bad girl fetish this spring, is still in a dither over the First Lady’s blue White House Correspondents Dinner remarks.
The right wing genus of the specie is frantically treading the heavy water of da Nile.
A Washington Times OpEd accompanied by a scary photo of the Jackie Suzanne look-alike writer is fairly typical with spin celebrating Laura’s achievement of “a distinctive personality with dignity” and a studious avoidance of what has come to be called “the horse joke”.
Normally nutty Michelle Malkin, likely because of the seeming frigidity noted during TV interviews, breaks character and, if you’ll pardon the expression, takes the First Lady’s horse reference firmly in hand:

I think the stripper and horse jokes were totally beneath her…The First Lady resorting to cheap horse masturbation jokes is not much better than Whoopi Goldberg trafficking in dumb puns on the Bush family name.

Can a Focus on the Family tirade against SpongeLaura Squaredress be far from the nation’s balanced airwaves?
Dr. Dobson and Rev. Dr. Frist could orchestrate a cheap, quickie and very Republican divorce for the naughty language shattered First Couple and some sort of Christian closed-circuit TV hunt for a more submissive, nonsmoking and preferably mute helpmate for our allegedly Christ-like President.
And if this God-approved new fiancée would have the temerity to runaway before the wedding…?
Golly, the mind boggles.
Are there enough hours in the cable news days to accommodate the wall-to-wall coverage?
All this nonsense over “the horse joke”, while amusing to Kitty Kelly, has no doubt left former First Lady Don Corleone, or “Tony Soprano” as la Kitty prefers, dripping foam onto her trademark pearls.
And, while I doubt a bloody Scotch Terrier head will ever grace Laura’s Family Quarters boudoir, a comment by Susan Whitson, press secretary to the current First Lady, I think, more reflects the feelings of the true Bush family eminence grise than any corporate press spin:

"I doubt there will be an encore performance.”

Cooler heads, hunting for “a horse joke” scapegoat, need look no further than a May 4th gossip item posted on MSNBC:

The first lady…switched hairdressers…since January’s inauguration.

Well, that explains everything.
Aside from their zesty penchant for colorful language and outrageous style is there any profession that exerts more influence over women than hair stylists?
I think not.
Quick, someone get on the horn for Bar and see what FedEx charges to overnight a terrier head to a Washington Salon and Day Spa.

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Monday, May 02, 2005

From the corporate media blackout of Jeff Gannon's White House sleep-overs to Laura Bush's XXX-rated jokes at the White House Correspondents Dinner and the ongoing right-wing takeover at PBS, concerned Christian newsies should be wondering just what would Jesus report?

Thanks to a commenter named "sin" at a media conspiracy cartoon!

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Sunday, May 01, 2005

First Lady Laura Bush,via Wonkette, at last evening's White House Correspondent's Dinner:

"I'm proud of George.
He's learned a lot about ranching since that first year when he tried to milk the horse.
What's worse, it was a male horse."

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