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Wednesday, November 02, 2005
Rule XXI
On a motion made and seconded to close the doors of the Senate, on the discussion of any business which may, in the opinion of a Senator, require secrecy, the Presiding Officer shall direct the galleries to be cleared; and during the discussion of such motion the doors shall remain closed.

Lulu gets slapped

We have often thought of Bill Frist as a modern day US Senate version of Elmer Gantry, an opportunistic midwestern huckster turned hypocritical tent-revival evangelist with none of Burt Lancaster’s redeeming qualities.
Yesterday, with tears welling in his rheumy eyes, the rules-challenged Senate Majority Leader took a turn before the cameras as Gantry’s old heavily slapped girlfriend turned prostitute Lulu Baines.
Apparently hoping to surpass Shirley Jones’ Oscar-winning 1960 performance, Lulu Frist sobbed, sputtered and succeeded, only, in making himself look more foolish than he appeared following Harry Reid’s brilliantly successful parliamentary use of Senate Rule XXI to refocus national attention on the Libby indictments and the “cooked” intelligence that precipitated Bush’s supposed pre-emptive war.
According to the Washington Post:

"Republicans are outraged," Sen. Christopher Bond, a Republican from Missouri, reported. "I just ate lunch, and it's upset my stomach."

As Lulu, Dr. Frist should have reprised another lunch-souring line of Gantry-esque movie dialogue to describe Senator Reid’s humiliating success, “He sure rammed the fear of God up me!”

Photos:, Reuters
Sunday, October 30, 2005
Setting the Wayback machine to July 8, 2003:

We state our belief in patty-cake:

Yellowcake, yellowcake
Cheney’s plan
Fakes the bake like fast, man.
Poll it
And spin it
And fund raise it, too
An state it in the Union
As a UK clue.

Image: Reuters,

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