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Thursday, March 11, 2004
Who ever thought a little girl like you could destroy my beautiful wickedness?

A near relative of Glinda the Good once muttered while melting, “what a world, what a world!”
And, indeed, considering the omnipresent effervescence of current events as distilled by the American corporate media, a few of the last words of a liquefying witch bear further quotation.
As the first anniversary of this blog passed by in blissful ignorance, I’ve been completely occupied with a move of residence.
A move is always ugly, difficult work and it only grows more complex as I've grown older and accumulated more stuff than any human should properly have.
This move was no exception and its consumption of my time obviously restricted and altered my regular observation of the media.
As I familiarized myself with the gorgeous countryside neighboring our new location, I renewed an unwanted acquaintanceship with AM radio.
I caught enough of a Democratic Primary Debate to realize that certain prominent characteristics belonging to Elizabeth Bumiller of the New York Times exceeded anything my fevered imagination could have ever imagined.
I wondered just how one becomes a CNN Political Analyst while watching Susan Molinari and thinking of former Representative Bill Paxon and C-SPAN’s lamented Sandy Hume?
I noticed that the Crawford Cowboy seems to be getting more bow-legged with each declining approval point and I’ve missed web references to him as Captain Bunnypants.
I now realize only certain flag-draped coffins are fit for public consumption.
I’ve been pleased to realize that certain personages really were full of the gall I only suspected.
I’ve noticed the next President of the United States smiling more broadly as the continuous engagement of the vast Democratic horde appears to be effectively forcing Republicans to spend earlier than anticipated.
And, I’ve wondered if Mr. Kerry’s smile relates to a notion that the Republican leadership, no matter its expertise with the hot mechanics of media, have, like their counterparts in punditry, misunderstood the overall cool ultimate gestalt of things tubular?
In irregular postings with occasional handcrafted Photo-Shop scribblings I guess I’ve returned for another year of blog duty.
May God help us all.

Photo: The Wizard of Oz

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