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Thursday, October 27, 2005
"Uh...heh, heh...Karl isn't here right now but will return your call...heh, heh...beep."

We have returned, tanned and partially refreshed, from a vacation sadly interrupted by Hurricane Wilma.
Posts should resume in the very near future.

Kentucky's 4th District freshman Congressman Geoff Davis

I did, this morning, telephone the Washington office of freshman Congressman Geoff Davis from Kentucky's 4th Congressional District here in the northernmost reaches of the Bluegrass State.
On the morning of September 21st I spoke with Congressman Davis' administrative assistant Armstrong Robinson about the Congressman's position regarding the President's suspension of the Davis Bacon Act within the Hurricane Katrina recovery area.
Mr. Robinson said that Congressman Davis supported the President's decision to suspend "an out-dated Depression-era law" and promised to forward a letter to my home address spelling out the Congressman's support of the Davis-Bacon suspension.
The other day, while sorting through my huge mass of mail from the last few weeks, I failed to find Mr. Armstrong's promised letter.
Imagine my surprise this morning to read a Washington Post report outlining a stunning Bush administration flip-flop regarding what Congressman Davis called "an out-dated Depression-era law":

The White House yesterday reversed course and reinstated a key wage protection for workers involved in Hurricane Katrina reconstruction, bowing to pressure from moderate House Republicans who argued that Gulf Coast residents were being left out of the recovery and that the region was becoming a magnet for illegal immigrants.

As Mr. Robinson, according to the young lady answering Congressman Davis' phones, was busy racing from meeting to meeting (and no doubt modifying the Congressman's record to conform to Dear Leader's latest fungible iterations), I left a message asking if I can still expect the letter that Robinson promised to post late in the afternoon of September 21st.
I asked if Mr. Robinson could return this constituent's telephone call at his earliest opportunity.
It remains surprising, even with a heavy drinker of Bush and Delay Kool-aid like Congressman Davis, that a fairly simple offer made by Mr. Robinson to a constituent would be so completely ignored.
Davis should take a lesson from Senator McConnell who never fails to go through the motions of a response to my letters except with his own purposely off-topic party line bombast.
I would imagine a Congressman so firmly strapped to the oarlocks of the sinking Bush slave galley would, in light of the 2006 Congressional races, want to obscure his opposition to fair wages and "an out-dated Depression-era law".
I anxiously await Armstrong Robinson's return call and the likely offer of a new letter outlining the Congressman effusive support of the President's latest flip-flop.

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