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Friday, October 01, 2004

In my humble opinion, last evening, a confidant and presidential Senator Kerry trounced a hunched, defensive and almost inarticulate George W. Bush in the first of 2004's Presidential Debates.
Watching the event on C-SPAN, I was particularly struck, during the call-in that followed the 90 minute program, by pro Bush telephone callers regularly misidentifing Senator Kerry as President Kerry.

Also, as shockingly first reported here on October 16, 2003 with this unmodified image and my own personal knowledge of the Governator's actual height, I was pleased to see Senator Kerry's very Lincolnesque stature on televised display.

In my fearful mind's eye I'm now seeing Karl Rove as the stuttering video image of Dr. Totenkopf directing a black-clad minion toward some World of Tomorrow-esque horror!!!

Take a break, America and get psyched for the Kerry landslide and the tough job ahead.
Relax and see a terrific movie, with a great theme, from a guy who steals concepts in the grand old tradition of art, show business and, of course, American politics!

Images: American Photo Library, Associated Press, Reuters, Paramount

Sunday, September 26, 2004

Images: NBC, Comedy Channel, Reuters, Fox News, Universal

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