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Thursday, April 20, 2006

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Sunday, April 16, 2006
In various meditations read before each of the 14 Stations of the Cross in Rome this past Good Friday, the decay-riddled German fusspot currently occupying the Chair of St. Peter read some harshly judgmental and dark words, even for a Good Friday service.
The ominous and far right of center nature of these meditations, supposedly executed at a safe and plausibly denied remove by a heavily instructed curial underling, became quickly apparent in the 1st Meditation with a benedictian misunderstanding of Jesus’ role in the Passion and the very nature of his sacrifice.
The Pope asks and the Vatican italicizes:

Why does God allow himself to be condemned?

With this hair-splitting irrelevancy, old Rattzie’s handlers misdirect us, with the, we imagine, dough-faced and unchristian zest of a Bush insider, toward a rightist focus upon an immortal leaderly apex rather than the historic church tilt toward a more human-focused ministry.
The Pope seemingly forgets that Jesus was a man, a man who, only hours before his death, unsuccessfully begged that “this cup pass from me”.
As with the often self-contradictory writers of America’s neoImperial cafeteria nihilism, Benedict’s voice and writing team also seem to reject other long-standing institutional principles as they celebrate a likely cascade of renewed medieval regulation and the glory days of usurious Indulgences.
But, lo around the 7th Station, Rattzie unsheathes a rather blatant and line crossing refrain from the Song of Karl or, was that perhaps, Adolph:

Today we seem to be witnessing…a diabolical pride aimed at eliminating the family. There is a move to reinvent mankind, to modify the very grammar of life as planned and willed by God.

The key word in this Delphic pontification, I think, is “pride”, a word prominently associated with the gay wing of the sexual liberation movement.
This pope, as with Christianity and Islam’s most conservative elements, never fails to conveniently blur the issue of sexually criminal pedophilia with the very liberation movements that illuminated that ancient human sin.
This “filth”, as Rattzie referred to gays in last year’s even more intemperate Meditations, desire “to take God’s place, without being God”.
But can a man as obviously worldly as Joe Rattzinger successfully dissemble and refocus secular attention upon an oppressed minority and away from the familial destruction created by the deviant sexual crimes of generations of fallen and complicitous priests?
We doubt it.
Benedict, like another heavily compromised and self-ensnared world leader, completely lacks any shred of credibility.

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