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Wednesday, September 26, 2007
El Jefe de La Guerra

El Monstruo, better known as the curiously elected 43rd President of the United States, has been caught in yet another lie to the American and global citizenry blessed with personal memory, recording technology and a modestly free press.
Madrid’s El Pais newspaper yesterday published a transcript of a conversation between Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar and El Jefe on February 22, 2003 somewhere within la Estancia Crawford.
Possibly riding jeep back our horse and likely cow-fearing first Texan is quoted as saying:

“They are left two weeks. In two weeks we will be militarily ready. We will be in Bagdad at the end of March”.

American corporate nooz outlets, seeming stumped with the mysterious Spanish language, were late arrivals, as usual, to the story.
Venerable seekers of truth like the hard-working Editor & Publisher staff curiously had a somewhat different take on the leader’s verbatim conversación.
A quoted phrasing, however that smacks of news style rewrite more than simple mistranslation by the Google algorithm which I used for the first quote in this post:

"If there was a United Nations Security Council resolution or not....We have to get rid of Saddam. We will be in Baghdad at the end of March."

The Google translation service, while goofily amusing on occasion, does, I think, accurately distill El Jefe’s palabras.

Modified Image:, Reuters

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