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Sunday, March 14, 2004
Did we know on September 10 that September 11 was imminent?
No, we did not.

--Dr. Non traditional hijacking Rice on this morning’s Meet the Press

I am deeply and personally atwitter over plans to attend Barry Humphries final performance as Dame Edna this evening at downtown Cincinnati’s Aranoff Center in celebration of my partner and Mother’s birthdays.

(We will be seated in the left loge box, Barry, should you choose to include one of us.)

Obviously a large part of today has been reserved for pre-theater personal grooming, but Sunday would not be Sunday without a dose of world press via the internet, C-SPAN and the networks talking head shows no matter that Mr. Humphries acid-tongued alter ego will, likely tonight, offer deeper and more amusing political insight.
Unlike the world press, C-SPAN and the Queen of Possums, the talking head shows were primarily dominated not by the chief policy liars of the corrupt Bush regime by rather by prominent advertisements for the latest lucrative erectile dysfunction medication.
Sadly, for the free people of the world, Colin, Condi and Rummy’s various policy “waffles” and justifications did not display the firmness implied during commercial breaks.

The Bush administration is not for everyone. Consult the Vice President for policy boners lasting longer than four hours…

I’m feeling light-headed.
Possibly all my cell walls have become super porous merely from observing the graphic gushing squirt logo of the latest and highly diversionary ED product or, perhaps, my dizziness stems from the rampant boldness of Bushian justification as contrasted with observable reality.
Does it matter?
I mean who can think with a 4-hour boner be it policy or otherwise!
The alleged scandal of John Kerry’s accurate off-mic assessment resonates yet again this morning with the unapologetic Alice in Wonderland spin gushing from two cabinet Secretaries and one National Security Advisor.
Could someone, please, repeatedly throw America’s policy football through the tight little tire swing hole of geopolitical reality?
And, my lady Edna, please this evening, feel free to comment.

Photos: Reuters, and NBC

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