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Friday, July 20, 2007
"No amount of evidence will convince the Palestinians that Arafat was a homosexual, or that his death was caused by anything other than Israel’s machinations."
--Today’s New York Daily News

Chairman Arafat on his last hospital trip

On November 9, 2004 I speculated about the possibility that PLO leader Yassir Arafat was HIV+.
I wrote this about the culturally closeted bi-curious Arab male:

Certainly anyone even briefly associating with Arab men would notice the same untoward and denial-laden interest in male homosexuality that in-the-know Americans observe in our own contra sexually obsessed Christian Fundamentalists.
I, personally, remember vintage 1980's Washington scuttlebutt regarding President Reagan's enjoyment of a CIA report detailing Colonel Khadafi's fondness for red pumps and wonder if President Bush didn't sweeten his Libyan deal with a lifetime discount at Shoetown for the cross-dressing Colonel.

Ah, the heady lusts surrounding taboos and the men who break them...

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