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Tuesday, March 25, 2003
As this beautiful spring day wanes, I feel the urge to discuss something that I noticed a while ago when having lunch in the restaurant that occupies the old Rookwood Pottery high atop Cincinnati’s Mount Adams.
That "something" is an odd little mark that is usually referred to as “the anomalous mark”.
Here it is on the bottom of a sweet little pot by Lorinda Epply.

I’ve begun to notice many people correctly identifying it as the Pottery’s 50th anniversary mark as it only appears on pieces dated 1930 (in Roman numerals “XXX”).
Does the mark have any significance or meaning aside from the 50th anniversary? Closely examine this undated photograph from page 63 of Rookwood Pottery Potpourri by Virginia Raymond Cummins.

The picture from left to right shows Vera Tischler, Charles Klinger, Carl Schmidt and Louise Abel looking out of two of the Pottery’s windows. Look above and right of the window containing Charles, Carl and Louise. See the design in the stucco? Isn’t this “the anomalous mark”?

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