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Monday, March 24, 2003
I have just preordered Anita Ellis' new book entitled The Ceramic Career of M. Louis McLaughlin through The book is scheduled to be shipped in early June. I can't wait. I've had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Ellis and exchanged a few emails with her several years ago. She brings a fine scholarly eye to the understudied ceramic portion of the equally underappreciated Cincinnati School of American Art. I'm guessing the book will be a companion to the soon to be opened Cincinnati Wing of the Cincinnati Art Museum.
I cannot wait to read Anita's interpretation of the relationship between Mary Louise McLaughlin and Maria Longworth Nichols and I wish Ms. Ellis the best of luck with what is sure to be an excellent book!
The book can also be ordered through The Ohio University Press in Athens, Ohio. Their phone number is (740) 593-1154.
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