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Monday, March 17, 2003
I received an interesting item in Saturday's mail from Feed the Children's President Larry Jones. His fund raising pitch letter says,

"You ask a soldier, 'what are you afraid of when you are deployed?' and the answer won't be, 'I'm afraid I'm going to die,' its 'I'm afraid my wife and kids won't have enough to eat...While dad or mom is overseas, many American military families need our help or their children will go hungry."

Amazing isn't it? Indirectly Larry makes a shameful point. Billions and billions and billions of dollars are being spent on this war. And throughout this struggle, no matter its length, many military families will be living in sub par Post housing and struggling for food and clothing. Many military families survive thanks to the Food Stamp program. Our President is very concerned that money is available for weapons systems, security, allied nations, rebuilding Afghanistan and rebuilding Iraq. He also seems to take every opportunity to stand before these soldiers and bask in their reflected glory.
Shouldn't he also be concerned that many military families live below the poverty level?
The above links will take you to the Feed the Children and the USDA Food Stamp sites. Please note that I'm not criticizing Feed the Children. Our country has put a fairly large burden on the shoulders of the fine young men and women who make up our military and an equally great burden on their families. The soldiers deserve to be fairly paid so that their families can live in dignity. This doesn't sound like too much to ask.
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