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Thursday, March 27, 2003
Sigrid figural

Kenton Hills Porcelains-David Seyler

I’ve talked privately with people during this last, what is it seven or eight, the Generals seem to want such exactitude, days, of a war that offers direct unquestionable proof, that our world has changed so much these last years as to not be our world anymore.
We hang in the balance. Institutions have crumbled.
Suddenly unsure, a nation and a people perform their duties in unchanged surroundings that seem to have imperceptibly drifted into some subtle difference.
And, now there is a war.
A threat that cast a pall upon my youth now falls across the shoulders of a new generation.
Bristling with all our sophisticated might the Children of the Love Generation, I fear, will return with souls too broken by the complex and brutal task with which they have been charged. Older generations, whose sins must now be cleansed with the blood of our youth, stand now linked to witness sacrifice. Priests whispering, “Soon the gods will be with us”, offer ritual solace. Atop the ziggurat we wait for knife fall and pray God is not the whirlwind.
We pervert Heaven’s Union with a technical artifice growing better at serving human whim and desire by our worship at its humming altar. This must change for we are close to creating sins for which God may have no absolution. The soul of humanity must shine through its technology not be harnessed to it.
The real battle we fight is not the one we see through our remote eyes. The real battle lies within our selfish hearts.

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