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Tuesday, March 25, 2003
Through Atrios this timely question.
I sent this fan letter to the brilliant Paul Krugman for this Op-ed which is of particular interest to those of us living here in the Queen City of the West:

Paul, BRAVO, again! Here in Cincinnati, Clear Channel owns almost every single radio station (except for WCIN, geared toward African-Americans, WGUC, the almost out of business public radio, WVUX, a University licensed public and WAIF, an almost inaudible Pacifica-tinged station) and the dominant TV station (WKRC). When one considered that similar corporate joke Gannett owns the morning daily (the rank Cincinnati Enquirer) you can begin to see how totally screwed the poor people of Cincinnati are.
When Bushie came here to terrify America with the Robot Drone lie in early October, he stood before a drape masking our glorious art deco Union Terminal and a seemingly packed audience heavy with worshipful and unreported Clear Channel and Gannett flunkies.
Paul, many out here in the hinterlands greatly appreciate your work for the troubled Gray Lady and wish you continued clarity of thought.
I think its time for high profile members of the media to begin calling for the Vice President and Defense Secretary's resignations and I hope you continue to report on Clear Channels manipulation of Cincinnati's and America's media.
Again, thanks.
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