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Friday, April 04, 2003
Black Iris

Rookwood Pottery, 1905 Fred Rothenbusch

I'm unsure if I will be able to post much more today due to yesterday's vicious worm attack. But, hey, I'm kind of back up and I did it myself. The people at Dell were most unhelpful and required a fee to answer questions (even with my unlimited warranty which now, sorry Dell, seems limited). Anyone want to guess who has lost an upcoming full blown laptop sale??? Hmm??? So, the posted picture addresses the recent pottery info shortage and, oddly to the uninitiated, is controversial. Is it a true black iris? I have my reasons and others have other reasons. Without question it is a superb pot with the effulgent whiteness of the daisies in stark contrast to the no chroma black of the background slip painting. The true absence of color tone called black was one of the Holy Grails of the Arts and Crafts pottery movement.

Our heart is with our fine young soldiers, particularly on this day, bravely executing their sworn duty in exceedingly difficult circumstances. But, this self same heart is uplifted knowing that the Media Horse is back from vacation!

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