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Monday, April 07, 2003
The Bush April 3rd trip to Camp Lejeune is mentioned on the second page of a New York Times Saturday puff about Presidential advisor Karl Rove:

"...the president spoke to cheering men and women in uniform, and then met privately with families of marines who have died in the war. Mr. Rove recounted that meeting to a hushed crowd tonight."
Mr Rove who "...two weeks after the war busily working to shape perceptions of Mr. Bush as a wartime leader and to prepare for the re-election campaign that will start as soon as the war ends," spoke at a "...Texas Night fund-raising celebration of the Kent County Republican Committee" in Grand Rapids, Michigan Friday evening.

This is the first media confirmed meeting between the President and family representatives of soldiers killed, wounded, missing or taken prisoner while executing the Iraq war plan that I have noticed. Regardless of "taste" the White House seems intent upon extracting maximum political advantage from the staged Lejeune meeting.
Photo: Dave Raczkowski/The Grand Rapids Press

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