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Friday, April 04, 2003
Colonel Relieved of Command

US Marines outside Baghdad.
Firefight ahead.

OK so it's a new post, but, this story demands a link from a vet who has been very proud of the Army/Marine armored advance on Baghdad. A United States Marine colonel, Commander of the Marines 1st Regimental Combat Team 1, has been, according to a US military spokesman "relieved of his post".
The officer was named as Colonel Joe Dowdy. Dowdy was in command of 5,000 men and women and had led the regiment's advance through southern and central Iraq, including a bloody passage through the Euphrates River town of Nasiriyah.
He was described as a popular commander who kept casualties down in leading his troops to within 80 miles from Baghdad.
Military spokesman Steven Schweitzer said: "He was responsible for the regiment until three hours ago." The spokesman did not give any reasons for the move.

The three hours mentioned are within an hour of this posting.
Photo: James Hill/The New York Times

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