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Tuesday, April 22, 2003
Do Robots bleed electric blood?
This interesting bit appears in a larger WiredNews story linked through Noah Shachtman's very informative DefenseTech:

DARPA, other Defense Department research centers and university and defense contractor labs will use their slice of the Pentagon's estimated $500 billion budget in 2004 to fund such network-centric warfare initiatives as...the most intensive net-centric warfare rollout, geared for the next major conflict, will be the Army's Future Combat System, which attempts to meld manned and robotic ground units with unmanned aircraft into a single unit that can be deployed anywhere in the world within 96 hours.
The idea, engineers say, is not to replace human "shooters" with machines, but to network them with robots to create a more effective, less expensive and faster-moving force in the field.
Even such gung ho net-centric warfare experts as Dr. John Arquilla, who helped invent the concept as a Rand Corporation researcher in the mid-1990s, admit the Achilles heel of digital warfare systems is the possibility that an opponent could penetrate or otherwise hack through it.
"Advanced information technology makes us tremendously efficient, but it also may make us tremendously vulnerable," Arquilla said.

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