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Sunday, April 13, 2003
Great news! Seven captured American servicemen have been recovered in Iraq overnight. Two are wounded.

An excellent piece that walks Washington's political tightrope while relating important factual details about the drive to Baghdad appeared in this morning' Washington Post under the headline Confused Start, Decisive End.
This report confirms that the rapid push for Baghdad originated in Washington (or, specifically Camp David) and that the impetus was political:
The president also had another agenda, said this official (described as a presidential advisor). Several people close to Bush said the calculated risk of plunging ahead was driven partly by the realization that it was important for Rumsfeld's ambition of transforming the military into a lighter, more agile force. Slowing down on the battlefield threatened to suggest a reversal of the administration's key defense policy.
Ouch! Secretary Rumsfeld certainly cracked the whip over a babbling Tim Russert and a stoic Tom Friedman on Meet The Press and Face the Nation respectively this morning. It is clear, particularly from the Meet appearance that there is little love lost between the Defense Secretary and the Secretary of State. Imagine, for the sake of discussion, that the presidential advisor responsible for the above Camp David quote in the WashPost this morning is the Secretary of State. It puts a different spin to Mr. Rumsfeld's deliciously nasty remark to Russert that Cap Weinberger was the real author of the Powell Doctrine.
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