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Tuesday, April 08, 2003
I was pleased to finally see some relief in the faces of PFC Jessica Lynch’s family as they met with the world press outside her hospital in Landstuhl, Germany this morning.

From the moment the national spotlight fell upon them, the Lynch family, like their daughter, displayed great dignity and uncommon valor.
I first met PFC Lynch’s father, Gregory, through an excellent Jane Clayson piece broadcast on The CBS Evening News during the soldier’s captivity. In an interview punctuated by crowing rooster’s, Gregory Lynch concisely expressed his hopes and fears and his fellowship with the ranks of other American parents of active duty soldiers. As a Kentuckian and as a fellow more rural Southerner I recall feeling a deep pride for this wise but worried man.
I have also been very impressed with young Gregory Jr. as he juggles Larry King and international press conferences and Deadra Lynch, Jessica’s Mom, for insight into the wounded soldier’s strength of will. I also appreciate what appears to be the Lynch family’s shared good sense of humor.

Elizabeth, on an “uncharacteristically straight and flat portion of Route 14” is the neighboring community to Palestine in West Virginia’s Wirt County.

While doing a Google search on PFC Lynch I discovered a highly informative and entertaining blog entitled The Hillbilly Sophisticate that also expressed pride in the Lynch family:
“It never ceases to make me proud and to amaze me when I see the Lynches on TV. They're doing so very well with the interviews. They didn't ask for all this intention. In fact, a month ago, I'm sure it was the farthest thing from their minds. What person living in Wirt County could ever imagine having Jane Clayson, Rita Cosby, et al, camped out on the front yard? No one, I'm sure. But they're handling it incredibly well, and I have to be proud of them for that.” If you are looking for Jessica Lynch information this seems to be the place to go for info about the soldier, her hometown and media commentary. I particularly enjoyed:
"To demonstrate how unfamiliar with the Mountain State some of the reporters were, a Los Angeles-based stringer for a news service that provides copy for several English tabloids remarked in her distinct British accent, 'Oh, you mean this is an entirely separate state from Virginia?'"

I'm also curious how much longer she is going to be PFC Lynch? I would imagine a promotion is in order?
Photos: Wolfgang Truckenbrodt, Getty Images and The Hillbilly Sophisticate

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