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Thursday, April 03, 2003
Lejuene Rally

I found an interesting version of the President Tense Mood Upbeat story on the Reuter’s site. Interesting for a variety of reasons:

1-Is this Mr. Card’s idea of a story that is going to reassure the American people?

2-Staff sensing the need for a more realistic approach than USA Today’s “He’s giving up sweets for the war…”

3-Possible indirect White House confirmation of my post from yesterday regarding the absence of telephone communication with families of killed, wounded, missing or POWs as they list Presidential activities:

“Bush's days are now dominated by the grim reality of war. He begins and ends each day with a war briefing, with updates throughout the day. He watches some television coverage of the war, sometimes at night, fascinated by the real-time reports from reporters embedded into military units. He signs letters to the families of those Americans killed in action. His public events are limited. His trips out of Washington so far have been limited He remains relatively isolated.”

I really think it is past time for the President’s Press Secretary to describe publically, with taste and all due privacy, the President’s efforts to console those families whose members have been killed, wounded, found missing or taken prisoner.
These large theatrical events, like the one staged today at Camp Lejeune cannot be a source of comfort to these families no matter how terrific the President’s advisors still think they appear on the tube. The sacrifice of these families requires the one on one service of the President of the United States and not the cold remove of a albeit signed letter.
Photo: Reuter's

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