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Sunday, May 11, 2003
The Duveneck Show

After several very wet days of severe weather and a flooded 120 year-old basement this Sunday proved to be a beautiful spring day and perfect weather for the 35th Annual Duveneck Memorial Art Show along Riverside Drive in Covington, Kentucky.

The growing national reputation of Ken Landon Buck was evident in the superb work displayed including several of his swimming paintings, a new male nude and a series of floral studies with some executed in a new ink and acrylic technique. Ken, who teaches at the Cincinnati Art Academy and who exhibits his work nationally, received the Best in Show award from the Duveneck judges.
I have been fortunate in my life to know many superb artists and I am grateful I can call Ken a friend. Ken is having some minor difficulty with his web page but can be reached through the Cincinnati Art Academy. I promise to post a visit to his studio in the near future.

Interesting paper mache work from Tracy at Borrowed From The Earth caught my eye as a new exhibitor this year. In addition to this charming hog there were several cows, horses, sheep and dogs beautifully crafted by this very friendly young woman. Traci can be reached at (513) 797-7239.

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