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Monday, May 05, 2003
I have certainly enjoyed watching the Bill Bennett gambling story expand over the weekend.
Mr. Bennett’s righteous moral certitude, his unquestioned vice and the pro/con media yak become the perfect morality play to parallel the intentionally hypnotizing opening salvos of General Rove’s shock and awe psyop version of a presidential election campaign.
Bush 41’s careful pruning of the media, government service and the judiciary, over the years to achieve his ends, goes for naught when a ham-fisted joke of a tar baby like Gambling Bill Bennett crashes through the meticulously set stage.
So, thank you Bill Bennett for indirectly causing a very public display of personal and media hypocrisy at a time when it was sorely needed on the American stage…a grateful opposition salutes you!

A jam-packed Cincinnati spring art scene offered almost overwhelming selection over the past weekend but I was distracted by a good local auction with an interesting selection of quality art and pottery including this portrait of American Impressionist Frank Duveneck by Rookwood artist and world-class engraver Edward Timothy Hurley.
Speaking of Mr. Duveneck, the 35th annual Duveneck Memorial Art Show will be held next Sunday May 11, 2003 in Covington, Kentucky from noon to 5pm at George Rogers Clark Park on the banks of the Ohio River in the historic Riverside area. The show is free and attendees can vote for their favorite artist and, of course, buy some art from a diverse selection of local artists.

I was hoping, yesterday, that I would see roses bloom today but the heavy rains from the early morning beat them into a sort of submission. There is always tomorrow!
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