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Monday, May 12, 2003
I’m teaching a lesson in modern media to a few select friends.
To begin everyone had to watch Florida Senator and Democratic Presidential Candidate Bob Graham on yesterday’s Face the Nation on CBS.

After the program we discussed the Senator’s remarks. Most were very surprised by Senator Graham's allegations of a 9/11 cover up by the Bush administration.
I told the group that the Senator has hinted about these beliefs prior to his Face the Nation appearance but that his remarks to Bob Schieffer marked a newsworthy first.
The homework assignment was to observe the media, radio, TV, local papers and big boys, for the next 24 hours to detect coverage of Senator Graham.
I predicted that the Senator’s remarks would receive little to no coverage.
As of this writing I found only two sources mentioning Senator Graham’s appearance on Sunday’s Face the Nation.
The CBS site has a story about Senator Graham but fails to mention the charge of a cover up against the Bush administration. The CBS post only reports the Senator saying:

“Significant numbers of people” from inside the government were coming forward with new information on U.S. intelligence failures.

The only straight forward news report about Senator Graham’s Face the Nation appearance was this story in the Los Angeles Times:

Sen. Bob Graham on Sunday accused the Bush administration of engaging in a "cover-up" of intelligence failures before and after the Sept. 11 attacks to shield it from embarrassment, and said the war with Iraq has allowed Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups to become a greater threat to Americans than ever before…Sunday's remarks appeared to be the first time that Graham has publicly accused the White House of trying to cover up such ongoing threats — and its own intelligence failures — by refusing to declassify information about them.

Not one word about the former Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee's charges in the New York Times, the Washington Post or on the cable networks.
So, nothing about Colonel Dowdy or the President's own military record, very little on the looting of the Iraqi nuclear facilities, very little on the ham-stringing of the Congressional 9/11 Committee and buried as the third to last sentence in an AP feature on the reappeared Colonel Bogdanos of the Iraq Museum investigation:

…Finding the golden harp from the ancient Sumerian city of Ur in pieces on the floor of the museum's restoration room was ``heart-rending,'' he says.

Photo: CBS Early Show

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