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Wednesday, May 14, 2003
Kentucky has a primary vote this coming Tuesday for Governor and a host of State offices but you wouldn’t know that by reading the local papers or watching the local network affiliates. The turnout is expected to be extremely low with local county officials expecting less than 15% of registered voters to exercise their right.
Of course this confusion at a hometown level meshes beautifully with all the confusion observed through the dirty lenses of the national press.

Recent headlines in the big east coast papers, in stories usually pegged to a daily aggressively post-triumphal upbeat Presidential quote, have suggested, indirectly of course, that alQaeda has been damaged beyond repair.
Poor Florida Senator and Democratic Presidential Candidate Bob Graham, as ignored as ancient Troy’s Cassandra, has been aggressively forthcoming with warnings that the President’s Iraqi side trip, or “battle” as Mr. Rove likes to call it, has given dangerous breathing room to an evolved alQaeda and ignored the clear and present danger of Saudi involvement with the terror operation.
Monday evening’s triple bombing in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and the Islamic fundamentalist suicide bombings today and Monday in Chechnya would seem now to support the Senator’s predictive skills though his success isn’t rewarded with increased press attention. Only the Los Angeles Times referenced the Senator in the final paragraphs of a story headlined, US Fears “Wave of Attacks”:

…The attacks also renewed criticism from some Democrats that the Bush administration's efforts against international terrorism have gone astray.
Sen. Bob Graham of Florida, a Democratic presidential hopeful, charged that such attacks "could have been avoided if you had actually crushed the basic infrastructure of alQaeda."
For months, Graham has claimed the war in Iraq diverted U.S. military and intelligence resources from their ongoing battle against terrorist threats, allowing alQaeda to regenerate…The former chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee…told reporters that alQaeda is stronger now than it was a year ago.
"We've been engaged in a manhunt to find their past leadership," Graham said. "But what we're also finding is that alQaeda has a deep farm team and they're able to replace those who are killed or detained."

Senator Graham is one of a handful of leaders, including John Kerry and the United States Marines, to publically suggest, to very little fanfair, that aspects of our battle plan in Afghanistan allowed an alQaeda “Diaspora” or a dispersal of trained terrorists to the four corners of the Earth.
I know that there are so called Liberals, including myself, who agree whole-heartedly with the position of this White House as stated yesterday by the Vice President:

…The only way to deal with this threat ultimately is to destroy it.

Most of the traditional Democratic opposition that the Vice President and his ilk deride so often as unpatriotic have supported Mr. Cheney’s basic destructive sentiment for almost two long years now. Yes, Mr. Cheney, please do, destroy alQaeda before the country is forced into another costly and successful show “battle” against another obviously inhumane, weaker and more exploitable foe. Tick, tick, tick.

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