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Friday, May 09, 2003

This week’s online Newsweek has details of the continued friction between the Bush White House and the congressionally appointed National Commission on Terror Attacks Upon the United States regarding:

“…Internal National Security Council minutes from the spring and summer of 2001 when the CIA and other intelligence agencies were warning that an attack by Al Qaeda could well be imminent…equally dicey…debriefings of key Al Qaeda suspects who have been arrested—such as Khalid Shaikh Mohammed and Ramzi bin al-Shibh—who played critical roles in the 9-11 plot. The intelligence community has treated those debriefs as among the most highly classified material in the government.
The invocation of executive privilege could fuel suspicions that the White House is stonewalling the panel in order to cover up politically embarrassing mistakes. “I think they have got to be worried about this,” says one panel member. “This is a bipartisan commission, and we’ve got the family members.”

Thanks to Atrios this link to The President's Interesting Day.

Where's Joe?

Colonel Joe Dowdy, USMC

A month from the fall of Baghdad and still no information in the world press that would explain the removal of the Marine 1 Combat Commander Colonel Joe Dowdy from the battlefield at the end of the first week of Iraq II.
On Wednesday morning’s C-SPAN Journal a caller asked Democratic House Whip and Maryland 5th District Congressman Steny Hoyer about the Colonel. The Congressman replied that he too was concerned over Colonel Dowdy’s fate and that he would speak to the Chairman of the Armed Services Subcommittee about the matter that very day.
I called the Congressman’s office this afternoon and spoke to a nice young fellow who connected me to the voice mail of a staffer. I appreciated the Congressman’s kind on air reply to the caller and I appreciate any time devoted to this matter. I will post any response.

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