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Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Burning Towers

I discovered Michel van Rijn’s Art News web page when searching for information on Middle Eastern antiquities in April. Mr. Van Rijn’s page is a very unusual, interesting, bitchy almost overwhelming web page about art crime…smuggling, stealing, forgery and selling. I surf to his site frequently but I should have looked sooner for 5 days ago he posted:

An American terrorist friendly CEO of a Fortune 500 company is not going to be allowed to get away with MURDER! Because of ongoing investigations I am not at liberty to quote his name YET, don't despair… all will be revealed soon! In the meantime if you guessssss right, you will be sssssssseriously rich.
I will not be deterred; this is the hardest story that I have ever taken on in my life. The implications of exposing a CEO of a Fortune 500 company whose power extends globally and who is a million dollar contributor to the Republican Party means I have major hurdles to jump before me.
The same CEO has also instructed his henchmen, that whatever it takes is within the game, to suppress this devastating information! "Buy them off, buy them all off. Do whatever it takes!"
The city of Baalbeck in Lebanon is the head quarters of the Hezbollah terrorist movement. The operation of any form of business in Baalbeck, legal or illegal, means you're in bed with Hezbollah.
Illegally excavated antiquities are an important financial resource for terrorist organizations giving them easy access to millions of dollars. The buying of antiquities from Baalbeck based dealers is feeding the pockets of the Hezbollah!!! is going to expose an all American CEO who sent in total $3.5 million dollars just before and just after 9/11 to an account of a terrorist related antiquities dealer in Baalbeck.
If you thought sending money before 9/11 to Baalbeck was a crime, what do you call it when it is sent after 9/11???
This is not a 'Martha Stewart'; this calls for the death penalty.
I understand that some astute readers of will make a fortune on the company by going short once they put two and two together… Good luck to you all.
As I am cooperating with a Middle Eastern government agency I will disclose in several parts all the devastating information while respecting their investigations.

Yikes! Does van Rijn’s “a million dollar contributor to the Republican Party” connect to the American Council for Cultural Policy?
Reserve some time to immerse yourself in Michel van Rijn’s world. Letters forming his name trailing the mouse cursor presents the only irritant on a terrific site that I will visit again.

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