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Tuesday, June 24, 2003
I guess it must have been early Saturday morning when I snapped. There through the steam off my coffee I snorted a laugh as I surfed upon the Washington Post’s umpteenth rewrite of the looting at the Iraq Museum though now by a fresh staff writer.
I had read and posted the essence of this version from a Wednesday USA Today story on Thursday. So, it did not take much of a promise of blue skies, sunshine and balmy temps to lure this hunched typist out of the digital gloom. Between sessions with debating Democratic candidates, Howard Dean’s masterful Meet the Press appearance and thinking great thoughts we lunched with mothers and explored museums under beautiful weekend skies.

Eve Disconsolate, Hiram Powers, 1873-4

This was my second visit to the newly opened Cincinnati Wing of the Cincinnati Art Museum and my first to the superb second floor exhibit of sketches, drawings and engravings by Cincinnati artists. This is a world class exhibit that more than makes its case for Cincinnati’s pivotal place in American art history. If you find yourself visiting the Queen City of the West I would highly recommend attending. Admission is free. While not free, on the other end of the local art scene, the Contemporary Art Center lives up to its expectations as does the critical praise for Zaha Hadid’s amazing building. Some exhibits were silly and some were quite arresting. Have some fun and take an unsuspecting winger for the eye-popping exhibit walk!

This weekend I noticed that a chunk of my blog archives, critical of a certain cable “news” personality who had attacked the newly opened Contemporary Art Center, had vanished. Blogger was helpful. While my postings had been deleted the folks at Blogger could see where the graphic file uploads to those posts had occurred. The posts have since been restored from a week (June 1-7 in Archives) where I was as pleased with the images I had presented as with the words. So, if you have a moment and want a laugh, visit the week of June 1-7.

Some type of fix must be in on the Move On vote.
I registered several days ago. This morning no email with a voting link. The site says that some filters may read the email as “junk” and offers to resend the voting link. When I do this it says that I have received a ballot. Funny, huh? A screwed up vote and I don’t think Bush is on the ticket.
I’ve written my candidates' campaign about this matter.

Had the terrific good fortune to watch Senator Bobby Byrd speechify just a few moments ago on C-SPAN2:

We have heard a lot about revisionist history from the White House of late in answer to those who question whether there was a real threat from Iraq. But, it is the President who appears to me to be intent on revising history. There is an abundance of clear and unmistakable evidence that the Administration sought to portray Iraq as a direct and deadly threat to the American people. But there is a great difference between the handpicked intelligence that was presented by the Administration to Congress and the American people when compared against what we have actually discovered in Iraq. This Congress and the people who sent us here are entitled to an explanation from the Administration.

Click the link for the full speech.
Sorry if postings have been slim of late but the sunshine is a strong lure. I should also make some apologies for the shortage of art pottery and food postings. There is always tomorrow…

Photos: Sean, US Senate

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