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Saturday, June 14, 2003

This morning, after days of retro media feeding upon the fatty tissue of Clintonian sexuality, the Washington Post takes tentative steps into the substance of Hillary Clinton’s Living History in a David von Drehle front page story headlined, In Memoir as Manifesto, Clinton Takes On the GOP. In von Drehle’s excerpts Mrs. Clinton is focused on an eccentric cardigan wearing, tiny dog walking fan of Gilbert and Sullivan:

…Clinton sketches an indictment of Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist…Though she does not call for Rehnquist's impeachment, she accuses him of leading a conspiracy to replace a fair-minded special prosecutor with a partisan zealot in the Whitewater investigation…Clinton also accuses Rehnquist of allowing a personal bias against the Clintons to color his legal opinions and of clinging to outdated, racist views…Clinton never makes clear exactly why Rehnquist has such a prominent place on her list of Republicans coldly bent on subverting the Constitution to "topple a President"…But by placing the chief justice neck deep in the cabal trying to oust her husband, Clinton is able, at the end of the book, to link the hotly disputed 2000 presidential election recount to the impeachment attempt of the previous year. In writing of the Supreme Court's 5 to 4 decision to halt the examination of uncounted ballots in Florida -- thus awarding the presidency to George W. Bush -- Clinton adopts the view, widely held on the left, that conservatives on the court, including Rehnquist, simply rigged the result.

Photos: CBS, The Marion Star

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