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Thursday, June 19, 2003
We've been Iruk'ed

Surfing, briefly after a day of rest, I noticed a repost of a USA Today article from yesterday concerning the Warka or Iruk Vase on the History News Network. It was only this past Saturday that I raised my blog eyebrows at the latest Washington Post correction of a correction that concluded with unknown Coalition spokesperson Naheed Mehta saying about the mysteriously returned vase:

"It had been broken in half in antiquity, and had been repaired in the past . . . It was brought back in exactly the same condition it left the museum. It hadn't suffered any more damage," she said.

The repost of yesterday's USA Today story says:

...It appears to have been seriously damaged. It is in pieces -- one large section and a half dozen or more smaller ones..."Now the looters have broken it again, but it can be repaired."
McGuire Gibson, a leading archaeologist on Mesopotamia at the University of Chicago...said the number of missing or destroyed items is much higher. As of Friday, "the full tally by U.S. Customs officials is 6,000 items -- and growing," he said.

As you may remember I was sceptical of Ms. Mehta's credibility and it seems my distrust was well placed.
One thing is perfectly, totally and immaculately clear, we the American people are being spun like cheap toy tops.

Photo: Washington Post

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