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Thursday, July 17, 2003

Stop the presses!
CNN has just reported, “British Prime Minister Tony Blair and US President George Bush bonded when they discovered [sic] they used the same brand of toothpaste.”
Dear God, is this the level of banter exchanged at these rarified governmental heights? Toothpaste! Did this frank exchange occur as Tony burned through conversational gambits desperately searching for something, anything to spark sustained conversation with the deeply uninformed American leader?
Or, after serious discussions of terrorists and war did one leader lean back in his red leather leader chair, commandingly stroke his photogenic chin and say, “Man, Tony, your teeth just gleam in the reflected light off these forged document paper clips.
And, you know, as we closely huddled over nuke-u-ler isshas, I couldn’t help but notice, in an honest and manly way, your minty fresh breath.”
“Well Mr. President,” Tony might reply, “I use a fantastic American product called Colgate.”
“You are shittin’ me!” the President of the Free World might exclaim, “I use that stuff too! Damn, are we Churchill and Roosevelt all over again or what?”

The president has within his ranks on staff some person who was willing to spin and hype and exaggerate and cut corners on the most important speech the president delivers in any given year.
--Senator Richard Durbin (D), Illinois

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