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Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Yellowcake, yellowcake
Cheney’s plan
Fakes the bake like fast, man
Poll it
And spin it
And fund raise it too
An state it in the Union
As a UK clue.

First realize that my morning gym routine never involves political discussion in the locker room. The conversations, day in and day out, year in year out, usually, if any, are a rotation of weekend plans and post mortems of those plans. Dull stuff but regular and comforting, actually, as we timelessly, each morning, become the guy we’ve always been in daily routine if not in workout. Of course, every blue moon, some event jiggles the unchanging string of gym reality to produce a confluence that sometimes allows a political discussion among these careful bran-eating men. Today was such a day. And, only a month or two after the last political blue moon in rooms where cable’s Fox News has blared for years.
A fellow says, “Well, I guess we’re back at war again” into the dead silence of five variously dressing men. A longish pause ends when I say, “Never stopped…have you been reading about the living conditions and morale of our young troops over there? Nothing. The background drone of Fox News accompanies the silence and averted eyes. “Yeah”, I continue, “Christian Science Monitor described greatly reduced water rations, a steady diet of MRE’s and very low morale. Ya think little Bush gets all the water he wants?” More silence, Fox News, a cough and the poor sucker who started this series of lone remarks says, “I betch’a he does.” I slam my locker and head off.

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