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Wednesday, August 06, 2003
Beach Break

Jeff at Blind Pass

I’ve been derelict in my blogging duties these last few days. I’m sorry and I feel guilty, of course. While I will post when the odd thought strikes me, regular posting will not fully resume until our return from the beach at the end of September.
In my absence, I would urge any of you to check out my archives. In the overloaded political area my article on Presidential Advisor Karl Rove, Mr. Subliminal, has been accessed by the greatest number of people and has been translated by the web tranlation programs into German, Portuguese, Spanish and Greek.

Vacationing Blogger

On the food front and while I’m gorging on steamed shrimp and Key Lime Pie, a tremendous low fat Gumbo recipe, the only pie crust recipe you will ever need and a killer Spinach Quiche to bake in that pie crust can be found via this link.
In the pottery area I would urge you to check out my March 12 and March 23 posts about the women founders of the American Art Pottery movement. Color pictures of rare ceramics are scattered throughout the archive.
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