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Wednesday, August 27, 2003
Polluted Marslight

As our Martian cousin graces the evening sky and birds, woozy with West Nile, fall from northern Kentucky trees, the summer, for this blogger, wanes in moist polluted humidity.
The normally black-belching twin smokestacks of my coal-fired Victorian Blog Editor have been dormant since Friday.
Technical difficulties.
As we are paralleling our golf and fundraising-crazed Exerciser-in-Chief with our pre-beach blog wind-down, this technical difficulty hasn’t been particularly troublesome. But, I have missed the luxury of venting.
Venting over dead soldiers, vacationing presidents, historic deficits and rolling Commandments wasn’t possible.

August 24th crowd in Falls Church, Virginia

Venting over a Howard Dean remark heard on CNN about Bush/Cheney’04 employing low-paid 3rd world phone operators in their fundraising operation wasn’t possible.

I wasn’t even able to gloat that my August 8th post regarding Arnold Schwartzenegger’s gigantic cabochon sapphire ring was noticed by big media. Washington Post fashion writer Robin Givhan in a Friday August 27th story headlined Lord of the Rings said:

Schwarzenegger doesn't wear a traditional wedding band; instead he wears a yellow gold and sapphire ring that was given to him by wife Maria Shriver on their wedding day. One might refer to its carat size as "significant" and its style as MGM Grand.

Jewelers I've spoken to agree the gem alone is worth at least $20K! But, Arnie baby, shouldn't the setting for a beautiful blue stone and a fellow like you really be platinum?
Unlike massive bejeweled Arnie, who, in chaos, seems to thrive within his private weightlifter zone, it must be noted that the frenetic pace of golf and million dollar rubber chicken dinners is exacting a terrible toll on our tinny Texan.

Captured by Reuter’s Larry Downing yesterday morning in St. Paul, Mr. Bush gives the impression of having sampled a wide array of the sparkling fruit juices available aboard Air Force One as he stares oddly into space while going through the motions with what appears to be a Tennessee Williams, Kurt Vonnegut or Henri Matisse impersonator.

As more young United States soldiers die on the unforgiving Iraqi landscape, CNN assured us this morning that the President was planning another relaxing vacation day strolling the scenic backdrops of the "ranch" in chinos and an endless array of wrapper-fresh pastel western shirts.

Photos: Lawrence-Berkeley Lab, NASA, Dean for America and Reuter's
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