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Friday, August 08, 2003
W's Casual Friday

Ever so casually our relaxed vacationing President today caved to agressive pool questioning, violated White House "neutrality" and guilelessly (wink, wink) admitted that a 56 year-old weightlifter is qualified for high California office:

"I'm interested in the process -- it's fascinating to see who's in and who's out and, yes, I think he'd be a good governor."

Our good friends at show that our off duty President wasn't so much casually forced to an admission but rather a performer executing his portion of a prearraigned plan to saturate the media cycle with regular Arnie recharges:

According to a GOP campaign memo obtained by the San Francisco Chronicle, "Mindy Tucker, former Bush campaign spokesperson and current Bush campaign operative in California, has the blessings of the White House…" The memo went on to describe in detail Tucker’s intense involvement in "recall" strategizing and GOP "image enhancing." Tucker confirmed to the Chronicle that she is working with the White House’s full approval.

Meanwhile the heavily scripted Candinator, hoping to dazzle the Toob with a bloody onslaught of cliche and bad Austrian acting, doesn't seem to grasp the policy and political free weights that he will have to dead lift.

But, hey, check out the massive cabuchon sapphire on the ring Arnie's deadlifting...

How about it all you regular QVC CZ pros...are we talking 10 carets? What's a little piece of blue ice to Mr Freeze?

Photos: Jeff Mitchell & Robert Galbraith - Reuter's
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