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Thursday, October 30, 2003

The Daily Dish in today’s Daily News has low-rated cable host Chris Matthews sounding less supportive off-camera.
Speaking to students at Brown University, the Dish quotes Matthews describing the administration’s invasion plan as "totally dishonest" and that Vice President Dick Cheney "is behind it all. The whole neo-conservative power vortex, it all goes through his office. He has become the chief executive ...It's scary."

The candid and obviously America-hating ;-) Chris prompts, with apologies to the child's rhyme Patty Cake, a flashback to a July 8th posting:

Yellowcake, yellowcake
Cheney’s plan
Fakes the bake like fast, man
Poll it
And spin it
And fund raise it too
An state it in the Union
As a UK clue.

Photos: MSNBC and Reuters
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