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Friday, October 24, 2003

Editor & Publisher said, yesterday, that the press is under reporting Iraq casualties:

For months, the press has barely mentioned non-fatal casualties or the severity of their wounds…"There could be some inattention to [the number of injured troops]," said Philip Bennett, Washington Post assistant managing editor of the foreign desk…Since the war began in March, 1,927 soldiers have been wounded in Iraq, many quite severely. (The tally is current as of Oct. 20.) Of this number, 1,590 were wounded in hostile action, and 337 from other causes. About 20% of the injured in Iraq have suffered severe brain injuries, and as many as 70% "had the potential for resulting in brain injury," according to an Oct. 16 article in The Boston Globe. Current injury statistics were easily obtained by E&P through U.S. Central Command and the Pentagon…According to Lawrence F. Kaplan, author of an article on injured troops in the Oct. 13 issue of The New Republic, this information has only recently been readily accessible. "Pentagon officials have rebuked public affairs officers who release casualty figures, and, until recently, U.S. Central Command did not regularly publicize the injured tally either," Kaplan wrote.

Editor and Publisher mentions the UPI investigation of the mistreated Army Reservists awaiting medical care at Fort Stewart, Georgia:

One officer was quoted as saying, "They're being treated like dogs."

Photo: Reuters
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