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Tuesday, October 07, 2003
In Plames

"I have no idea whether we'll find out who the leaker is." NYT

According to this morning’s Washington Post, traditional hijacking advocate and footnote dilettante Condi Rice is the beneficiary of yet another Bush administration shake-up of post war imperial Iraq in the ongoing war against governmental departments of the United States.
The gimlet-eyed Dr. Rice has been selected to “crack the whip” over our recalcitrant dominion (and departments) through the new Iraq Stabilization Group.
According to, what else, an unnamed State Department official, this new layer of administrative gobbledygook:

…still funnels decisions into the same deputies and principals meetings that we've been having all along.

As spin and Iraq consume our government’s manpower (to say nothing of blood and treasure):

Rumsfeld appealed to his Cabinet colleagues last week for staff for the Coalition Provisional Authority….Powell and [Deputy Secretary of State Richard L.] Armitage have made clear to all of us that if there are not enough volunteers, they will start identifying people to volunteer.

According to the imperial William Kristol:

The civil war in the Bush administration has become crippling. The CIA is in open revolt against the White House. The State Department and the Defense Department aren't working together at all. We are way beyond 'fruitful tension' and all the other normal excuses for bureaucratic conflict.

Pre-enhanced Photo: Reuters

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