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Tuesday, October 21, 2003
Liza with a ZZZzzzzzz

In an event akin to the marriage of Lassie and Flipper the genetically ill fated and arguably non compus mentis Liza Minelli married her homosexual companion or, in the parlance, walker in March of 2002.

The eerie post apocalyptic nuptials featured the animated bits of tissue that comprise Michael Jackson and, sadly, the great Elizabeth Taylor and included some petting on Larry King.
But, alas, David was never to be the olive in Liza’s vodka.
Today, according to ABC, in a faux shocker he accuses her of spouse abuse and sues for $10 million.

David Gest sued Liza Minnelli for $10 million Tuesday, accusing his estranged wife of alcohol-fueled violence that caused neurological damage and headaches. Gest, 50, alleges in court papers that Minnelli, 57, flew into drunken rages on several occasions on both sides of the Atlantic, insulting and striking him.

My favorite celebrity bible, HELLO magazine hints at the anti-glam quality time betwixt Judy’s daughter and the unwelcome Gest:

Concerns about her health were provoked once again when she checked into a Pennsylvania rehab clinic in March. And that same month she and David cancelled plans for a lavish anniversary party in Times Square.

Trust The Smoking Gun to have Gest’s complaint. Believe me, kiddies, this fascinating document is timeless!

Photos: Agence France-Presse, PA

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