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Friday, October 17, 2003
Must link TV!

DNC ad, Justice!

As has been, again, so bitterly obvious, remnants of what used to be the mighty broadcasting industry have returned to a full kow-tow with the complete filtering of information that conflicts with what is sheepishly termed Bush administration policy.
Most important of the disappeared stories is, of course, The Plame Game.
According to the DNC press release:

Leaks like these put our national security at risk, and threaten the men and women who protect us. Even worse, a senior Bush administration official admitted to the Washington Post that the purpose of the leak was "purely and simply for revenge." [Washington Post, 9/28/03]

The Democratic National Committee today announced an aggressive online campaign calling for an independent investigation by a special council to unravel the traitorous revenge leak of a US government Non Official Cover operative to CNN pundit and newspaper columnist Bob Novak.

The DNC is streaming a television ad entitled Justice a speeds suitable for dialup and broadband connections and in Windows Media, Real Video and Quick Time media player formats.
The DNC would also like you to sign a petition and help contribute to the purchase of television time for the ad.

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