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Monday, October 06, 2003
On Sunday's Meet The Press, a masterfully confidant former Ambassador Joseph Wilson held steady for a barrage of, perhaps, administration nuanced questioning while continuing to insist upon handcuffed frogmarching for those responsible for blowing his wife's non official cover.

The adroit Ambassador was unblinkingly serious and at times acidly humorous.
Aside from his bark of laughter at the moderator's suggestion of political aspirations, Ambassador Wilson's deft mention of state's rights for the District of Columbia could give this impassioned husband a certain Norma Rae cachet among other District-residing federal employees. Well, at least, those living and working outside the iron gates of 1600 Pennsylvania!
In an exclusive Meet The Press appearance, a seemingly heavily tranked Robert Novak notched another "less than artful" set of explanations and justifications for his July 14th column while tantalizingly and surprisingly widening the pool of potential leakers upward.

When asked if the President should take a less flaccid posture towards outing the leaker, a cotton-mouthed Novak responded:

I'm in an impossible position on this.

The impossibly positioned Novak, to the knowledgeable eye of an observant medical source, seemed also to be coping with perhaps a too exuberant dosing of Ativan along with a dash of Xanax.
Indeed, MTP's second half hour wrenchingly shifted from the righteous joy of Norma Rae to the fearful paranoia of film noir.

On the Arnold front
The Terminator's groping defense of "playfulness" prompts this personal memory:
My father was a professional football player. In my childhood he and his team mate buddies, all large and powerful men, would toss my brother and I around like footballs. Dad and his friends had fun with this playful teasing and assumed the feeling among the toss-ees was mutual. However, I was a dignified child and absolutely detested this "playful" activity.
Strong men can frequently misjudge their own strength.

Photos: NBC, Reuters

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