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Thursday, October 09, 2003
Sad to say and perhaps not for reasons of age, I’ve been reduced to writing myself little reminder notes. Over the years this reminder writing has progressed way beyond kitchen and household needs. And, it needs to be said, the writing of the reminder is by no means a guarantee that I will remember the reminder. Sad, huh?

As sad as Rummy showing NATO Ministers either his new position in relation to Dr. Rice or the low low level, at which her memo was received at Defense?

So, with dispassionate dispatch similar to Cut Throat Condi, I’ve written a memo to watch tonight’s Frontline on most PBS stations (check local listings).
The documentary examines the Bush rationale for the Iraq war and is called Truth, War and Consequences.
According to a TV review in this morning’s New York Times:

Greg Thielmann, who left his post as director of the strategic, proliferation and military affairs office in the State Department's Bureau of Intelligence and Research last September, also describes in dispassionate tones how the State Department's intelligence reports were ignored or sanded down to suit the White House's case. Calling the administration's approach "faith-based intelligence," Mr. Thielmann says, "They were cherry-picking the information that we provided to use whatever pieces of it fit their overall interpretation”…What distinguished the Bush administration, "Frontline" contends, was the openness of its arrogance and the magnitude of its policy shift — sending more than 200,000 American troops to invade a Muslim country and recreate it along American democratic lines.

Photo: John Sommer II, Reuters
Logo: PBS
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