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Monday, October 13, 2003

We've had a strategy from the beginning. Jerry Bremer is running the strategy and we are making very good progress about the establishment of a free Iraq. And the person who is in charge is (sic) me.
President Bush, as quoted by The Associated Press

Why does he keep saying Jerry Bremer?
How does one get Jerry out of L. Paul Bremer III???

Bloggers, today, (hesiod) were blogging about CNN’s use of an AP photo (middle photo left column) showing President Bush with a Raphaelite halo.
I first noticed photos of this type with an image (top photo left column) published November 7, 2002 on the website of the London Guardian.
I republished the image with the lyrics from a Sheryl Crow song.
The remaining two images are Reuters photographs that show the halo to be a stage prop of the presidential seal affixed to the right side wall of the President’s speaking area. Doubtless there are thousands of these images in the photo files of the wire services that have not been published.
The random halo images resulting from the staging of such a tantalizing foreground/background contrast for bored photographers speaks to the unique cleverness of certain people in this White House.

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