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Wednesday, November 05, 2003

In a breakfast discussion with the Christian Science Monitor, posted on November 5th, teensy totalitarian Grover Norquist is still subtly lobbying for his radical Arab friends while his connection to the Army Chaplain spy ring arrests remains unnoticed by big media:

One soft underbelly in what I view as Republican dominance in the country is if we are seen as hostile to immigrants and immigration....

Yes, like fine young Saudi’s innocently seeking flight instruction, eh Grover?
Now while breakfasting reporters were stuffing eggs and sausage into unquestioning mouths, yesterday, and as Grover opined about his plans to dismantle Congress, his spat mate from the February CPAC fight, Frank Gaffney, on Monday continued to, oddly, be Grover’s right-wing media bete noir:

The trouble with Mr. Norquist's ties to the likes of al-Arian, Alamoudi and the SAFA Trust …is that they – and most of the other Arab- and Muslim-American organizations that Norquist and his institute have been closely associated with and assiduously helped to promote – are on the wrong side in the war on terror.

Gaffney had this Fox News post on October 24th:

Norquist has also reportedly used his ties to Karl Rove to assist pro-Islamist members of the Coalition to secure repeated access to White House and other senior Administration officials.

Photos: Thomas Butler, World Net Daily

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