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Friday, November 07, 2003

Matt Drudge dishes up some of his patented Reagan movie distortions by joining in right wing efforts to disparage, of all people, former PFC and POW Jessica Lynch before her first public interview next week with the breathless headline, Lynch Rape Claim Challenged by Drs. Who Saved Her Life.
Reading the Drudge-written, and, most likely, White House flavored, story, we find our intrepid Matt countering the medical report in Rick Bragg's book with quotes from always truthful Iraqi doctors like Dr. Mahdi Khafazji:

She was injured at about 7 in the morning. What kind of animal would do it to a person suffering from multiple injuries?"

Some hope you might be wondering, “how could that book-deal-crazy Jessica say such mean things about the doctors who saved her” instead of wondering why this brave young woman is the focus of a coordinated right wing smear aimed at deflecting news from her upcoming set of interviews.
In Drudge’s second Iraqi quote, Dr. Jamal al-Saeidi confusingly indicated that he wasn’t looking for signs of sexual assault and that he didn’t see any:

When she was brought there she was fighting for her life. She was in shock because of the severity of her injury... Her clothes were not torn, buttons had not come off, her pants were zipped up."

I guess we are supposed to think no self respecting anal rapist would bother to rewrap the package???
Oh, tell us rape's proper etiquette, Matt!
If it is without USG assistance, our Drudge’s ability to ring up 3 appropriate Iraqi doctors and get English quotes all within one 24 hour news cycle is truly miraculous and someone should alert the Pope.
St. Matt concludes:

"Why are they saying such things?" the hospital's deputy director Dr. Khodheir al-Hazbar said. "We were good to her."

That Jessica!
I imagine we will hear some further elliptical ugliness from various mouthpieces during the weekend yak fests.

Photo: ABC
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