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Saturday, November 29, 2003

One aspect of today’s over-covered crisis with the Perp of Pop escaping the endless chatter and limitless cameras of a sensation-hungry media is Michael Jackson’s embodiment of the perverse delights available to and enjoyed by the mega-wealthy imperial corporate elite in today’s world.
Consider the diverse perverted menu available to Rome’s Imperial elite.
Tiberius Claudius Nero, who ruled Rome after Augustus as Tiberius Caesar Augustus had, among his many perverse pleasures, child slaves he called his “minnows” trained to swim underwater and manipulate the imperial genitalia.
Consider today’s sated class of bored super rich sensualists and their access to modern medical and pharmacological expertise along with the top notch disappearing act of global jet travel and a mano a mano diplomatic buddy system.
As Tiberius required a support system to, among other things, train the “minnows”, today’s globetrotting elites also require discrete services within and without their traveling entourage.
We hear talk of the booming sex and slave trade, human organ thefts and illicit Asian medical clinics and, of course, we occasionally hear of the global theft of human infants, children and adults for various industrial and social uses.
While the media diverts with glamorized sexuality and cheap yuks at over-the-top boob-jobs and melted facial reconstructions, it only occasionally reports on vanished white blond children or America’s gigantic porn industry and it never connects the dots between those events and the global monied powers which facilitate their existence.
Sex in America and the world, in its glamorous merchandizing and broadening medicinal support, is goad, cudgel and snare to wealthy and poor alike.
Money and medicine cannot buy true absolution or erase the sins of our fathers, our unbridled natures or our lost selves.
Michael Jackson lives at the crowded apex of our modern culture and I’ll bet he wasn’t the only attendee at the depraved Minelli-Gest nuptials to sport a fake nose.
In the dead whiteness of his self-vandalized face we can observe the death mask of unchecked and dehumanized techno-industrial civilization.
The Perp of Pop, as the LA Weekly notes, isn’t just a super wealthy freak he is simply the only one to suffer the indignity of arrest.

Photos:, Santa Barbara County
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